Annie Tadne (UK)
Boberg 1.

Camera, computer (openFrameworks and Max/MSP), various objects, 2018

A hands-on interplay between material and computational properties, where instrumentation of real objects is forming audiovisual resonances. Material structures are being decoded into fleeting sounds, and through manual calibration a consensus, or maybe a conflict, elevate frictions of distant and present memories.

Annie Tadne

Annie Tadne works within the intersection of art and technology and her fascination lies in the synthesis of art, media, technology and architecture, where music is paramount in all of her creations. She explores spatial and embodied cognition through audiovisual and performative expressions, where the combination of light, sound, space, materials and structures can give new resonance to how we consider art and technology and amplify a construction of a reality that is active, dynamic and co-evolutionary.