Aleksey Grachev, Sergey Komarov (Russia)

Audio installation, 2017
For CYLAND Audio Archive
Supported by CYLAND MediaArtLab

One of directions in the collaboration of Aleksey Grachev and Sergey Komarov is the study of noises of the animate and inanimate nature. In this work, the artists conduct an analysis of time-space. Using scientific instruments, they register the noise of sand that trickles in an hourglass on the magnetic tape. Then this sound is analyzed using the regenerating-computing system, accurate to a grain, and the "quanta" of time get recounted. The work is stereophonic: sound reflects time and, in effect, it is time departing from one headphone channel and arriving in the opposite one, having flown through the space-listener. This installation is simultaneously a vocalization of time and an attempt to quantize and recount it.

Aleksey Grachev

Sound artist, engineer, computer programmer. Born in 1983 in Kaluga, USSR. Graduated from Kaluga branch of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University (Russia). Completed the program “School for Young Artists” at the Pro Arte Foundation (St. Petersburg, Russia). Artist, technical director and chief engineer of CYLAND MediaArtLab. Participant of the World Event Young Artists Festival (Nottingham, Great Britain, 2012), the Cyfest Festivals, special project “Urbi et Orbi” at the 6th Moscow Biennale (Russia, 2015).
Since 2015, together with Sergey Komarov, develops the sound project “Subjectivization of Sound” whose basis is the interaction with space and spectators. Lives and works in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Sergey Komarov

Sound artist, curator, engineer, computer programmer. Born in 1980 in Kaluga, USSR. Since 2008, he has worked as a computer programmer at CYLAND Media Art Lab; since 2012, has curated audio projects and CYLAND Audio Archive ( Since 2015, together with Alexey Grachev, has been developing the sound project “Subjectivization of Sound” whose basis is the interaction with space and spectators. Participant of the Cyfest festivals of various years and the Archstoyanie festival (Kaluga Region, Russia, 2014).
Lives and works in Kaluga and St. Petersburg, Russia.